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Taking blood pressue

At MSPG, our mid-level practitioners, under the direction Dr. Olu Sangodeyi, provide healthcare services to the community.

Doctor and Patient

Our experienced staff at MSPG help patients overcome addiction and achieve a lifetime of recovery.


Dr. Olu Sangodeyi has over 30 years practicing as a surgeon treating his patients with compassion and care.

Taping a shoulder wound

MSPG treats wounds that are difficult to heal.


Call Raleigh General Hospital's Wound Care Center @ 304-254-3047 for an appointment with Dr Sangodeyi.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

To support patients recovering from addiction, MSPG offers counseling as an essential part of treatment.

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Patient Information Online:
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Our office provides 24hr on call service.  Emergencies that are life threatening should report to the nearest emergency room or call 911 for immediate assistance.

Whats new at MSPG?
Attention Patients & Family Members

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis quality patient care is the most important aspect of our practice.  We will be offering Video Conferencing in order for you to meet with your doctor for your scheduled appointments.  Please check back for details or call our office.

Thank you!

Olu Sangodeyi, MD

Dr. Olu Sangodeyi’s mission at home in southern West Virginia is to re-grow the multi-specialty practice, Med-Surg Group, with locations in Beckley, Oak Hill and Fayetteville. Dr. Sangodeyi is actively recruiting physicians to make the former 28-physician group a significant contributor to area health care once again. He is pictured here with patient Josh Epling and Epling’s father, Randel, and mother, Donna. Sangodeyi had the privilege of giving Josh the good news that his cancer had not returned.  To see full story click here.

F. Brian Ferguson
Register-Herald Photographer

MSPG would like to welcome Robert D. Lovejoy, PMHNP.  Mr. Lovejoy Specializes in Psychiatry and is accepting new patients from Children to Adults. Please call our office to schedule your next appointment.