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Wound Care Services

HBO Therapy

MSPG has partnered with Raleigh General Hospital and Healogics to provide comprehensive wound care and HBO services.  Dr. Sangodeyi is a fully trained certified wound care specialist.  His mission is to heal wounds as quickly as possible with the least discomfort while using appropriate cost effective evidence based modern technologies.

Call The Advanced Wound Care Center at Raleigh General Hospital @ 304-254-3047 and request your appointment with Dr. Sangodeyi.

Senior woman with bandage on the hand .j

Wound Examples


  • Diabetic Wounds

  • Venous Stasis Wounds

  • Arterial/Ischemic Wounds​

  • Bed Sores

  • Burn Wounds

  • Malignant Cancer Wounds

  • Traumatic Injury Wounds

  • Surgical Wounds

  • Radiation Induced Wounds​

  • ​Other Wounds


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